Treatments are designed to meet the specific needs of each patient and will vary depending on the presentation and severity of the scarring.

Scar Management

Various insert materials such as cica care can help soften scars, too. I will select the most suitable product for your scars.

Cica Care

Pressure garment

Jobst garments

Scars, whether caused from burn injury, surgery or trauma, can be ugly, itchy and/or limit function. There are several ways to reduce scarring e.g. with compression garments such as Jobst garments. I will measure for these custom garments and help you don them to ensure they fit well.

Compression earrings/devices for ear keloids

Treatment of ear keloids requires a multimodal approach, including compression. Current options are typically ineffective, unattractive and hard to obtain. I have invested more than a year of research into designing my EarXquisite custom options that will make compression therapy a therapeutically effective and aesthetically attractive solution for people who either have a small keloid or following removal of a large keloid. There are a range of sizes and styles, depending on the location of the keloid. Please call or email to discuss the most appropriate options. Photos are helpful.

Pre-op Keloid

Earring post op.

Available Styles

Pre-op Keloid

Earring post op.

Earring post op.

Edema control

Swollen fingers will aggravate stiffness and can be helped with use of digisleeves.

Digi Sleeve