Some splints are very simple, while others are very complex. Here are some examples.

It is possible to buy generic "off-the shelf" splints, and occasionally these are satisfactory. More often than not, however, they do not fit properly, nor do they give the proper degree of support and comfort.

I want your splint to provide you with the highest possible level of comfort and durability, so I use a broad range of materials. Each one of my splints is custom designed, and I take special care to make them aesthetically attractive.

Hand-based thumb spica

Uses: Skier's thumb, osteo-arthritis of CMC joint of thumb

Hand based plastic thumb spica

Leather hand based thumb spica

Wrist splint

Uses: carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendinitis

Plastic wrist splint

Leather wrist splint

Forearm-based thumb spica

Uses: DeQuervain's tenosynvotis, scaphoid fracture

Plastic forearm based thumb spica

Leather forearm based thumb spica

Wrist cuff

Uses: for wrist conditions where it is unnecessary to immobilise the wrist, but more to limit end-range of wrist movement


Wrist cuff splint


Functional resting splint

Uses: arthritis, tendinitis, stroke


Radial nerve palsy splint

Uses: Radial nerve injury to allow functional grasp and release


Radial nerve palsy splint

Flexor tendon repair splint

This would be specifically recommended by the hand surgeon who had repaired the flexor tendon in the palm or finger


Flexor tendon repair splint

Silver ring splints

Uses: Finger deformities e.g. arthritis - I take measurements for these, order them for you, and then fit them upon arrival.

Silver ring on small finger

Silver ring on index finger