Certified Hand Therapist

Joanne Smith B.Sc. (OT)

Certified Hand Therapist

My name is Joanne Smith. I am a Certified Hand Therapist and Registered Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of professional experience…. Read More

Patient Testimonial

I called you in a time of need – my finger was recovering following surgery – and you immediately responded with care, compassion and professionalism. Your work was wonderful. I never thought that a splint could be a work of art, but now I know better.

Gerry Cutler (Lawyer)finger splint

Patient Testimonial

I was given an appointment the next day, you listened carefully to my problem and brainstormed to design a splint that would suit my needs. I’m happy to say the splint worked like a charm. I was able to complete the fifty or so Christmas concerts I had booked and my finger has healed nicely.

Joey Hanlon (Children’s performer)finger splint

Patient Testimonial

About three weeks ago, the pain in my left wrist was getting much worse than it had been for a few years. The two physios I had seen said that rehab was not really possible, and my hand surgeon said that surgery “probably wouldn’t be successful, so we’ll only do it when the pain gets beyond that manageable by painkillers”…...

I contacted Joanne, and she responded: “sure, I can help. Can you come by tomorrow?” Dealing with medical folks who often are booked weeks, or months, in advance, I was stunned…...

I’ve been wearing the brace for a few days now, and it definitely does the job.

Today, I was driving around, doing errands with a pain-free wrist.

Halldor Bjarnason, lawyerleather wrist brace
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Joanne Smith

Certified Hand Therapist and Registered Occupational Therapist